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What is Google Lens - Definition

Google lens - is an image recognition technology developed by Google that aims to display relevant information based on image content. The primary purpose of Google Lens is to provide us with information about the world around us. Search results are related to the objects on the picture in question. It identifies objects using neural network-based.

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Google Lens was first announced at Google I/O 2017 when it hit the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL phones. In the beginning, it was released as a separate standalone google app and later was integrated as a standard feature into android phones with google assistant.

How does the Google Lens work

When directing the phone's camera at an object, Google Lens will attempt to identify the thing by reading barcodes, QR codes, labels, and text, and you can then create a query that shows relevant search results. Google Lens app is not available (as of February 2022) on iOS. In January 2021, the number of app downloads on the Play Store service reached a new record and now stands at over 500 million.

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Features of google lens camera app :

  • Search what you see - among other things, it makes it possible to read information about dishes on menus, famous buildings, goods from shops, animals, people in photographs or everyday objects.
  • Text scanning and translation - Google Lens works excellent with text. You can call out a number on a business card or poster, point the way to an address, instantly change the language or translate text, finding information about dishes on a menu. You can also copy the printed text to the clipboard without re-typing it.
  • Shopping results and assist - When targeting cameras with the Google lens app on the furniture, decorative items, or shoes, similar clothes and goods can be found in online shops instantly without describing what you're looking for in a search box.
  • Identify plants and animals - use google lens to find out about what plans are around you or what is the name of your favorite bread of the dog or cat.

Google lens app combined with the google photos app will automatically connect digital image data with the reality around you, providing answers to your questions and increasing your knowledge.

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