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Google Analytics - definition

Google Analytics - is a free Google service that provides statistics and essential analytical tools to measure user behavior on the website and in apps. The service is available to anyone with a Google account - both enterprise companies and small businesses. Thanks to analytics, we gain access to new dimensions of data. There are real-time reports where we can obtain information about the number of users on the website right at the moment. You will see information about the sources of visits, the locations of users on the site, and the content that users are reading, i.e., the subpages they are visiting.

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Google Analytics integration

To take advantage of its benefits and track the customer journey, create a google analytics account. Then place the tag downloaded from Google Analytics into your website by installing a plug-in that automatically uploads tags or through Google Tag Manager.

The other way is to manually add the Google Analytics tracking code to the code of your website, but this is a solution for more advanced site administrators (advanced integrations).

Useful reporting tools that provide data accuracy and universal analytics.

You can later view the compilation of the collected data in the form of various extended, customized reports to verify marketing efforts. Examples of information collected by Google Analytics regarding user behavior during website traffic:

  • information from Google Ads
  • how visitors arrived on the website (via search results to the specific page, external links from other websites, or by typing the website address into the browser)
  • where they were staying (province, city, country),
  • what software (operating system, browser) and device they are using
  • how they behave on our website (how many subpages they visit, how much time they spend on them)
  • what their interests are
  • their gender and age

All GA data, when correctly interpreted and analyzed, can help to improve the performance of the website and better tailor its content to users' needs.

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