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What is Google Alerts - Definition

Google Alerts - is a tool offered by Google that allows users to receive email alerts on new Google search results related to specific search queries or critical phrases. Users can set up multiple alerts for their names, competitors, industries, topics of interest, or any other keywords to keep up to date with the latest information published on the web.

Google Alerts

How do Google Alerts work?

Google Alerts automatically monitors new content in Google's search results that matches your predefined queries. The process of how Google Alerts work is as follows:

  • Notification settings: The user enters search terms, specific phrases, company name, topic, or other query they want to track in the alert search window.
  • Careful configuration: The user can customize the frequency of alerts, the types of content to monitor, the language, the region, and the quality of the results.
  • Receiving alerts: Once an alert is set up, Google searches the internet for new content matching the query. When such content is detected, Google sends an email notification.
  • Viewing results: Email notifications contain links to new content users can view. This keeps the user up to spead with the latest information regarding the monitored query.
  • Managing alerts: The user can modify the settings of existing alerts or delete them at any time by accessing their Google Alerts account.

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How do you set up Google notifications?

To set up alerts on Google, follow the steps below:

Visit the Google Alerts page: Go to Google Alerts.

Enter a search query:  On the Google Alerts page, enter the key phrase for which you want to receive alerts.

Customize the alert settings: Click on 'Alert options' (or click 'Show options') to customize your alert settings.

Select an email address to receive notifications: Ensure the email address entered in the "Deliver to" field is correct. This is where notifications will be sent.

Create alert: Once you have adjusted your settings, click "Create alert" button.

Manage alerts: Once you have created an alert, you can edit or remove it anytime by going to your list of alerts.

Why is it worth creating alerts?

Setting up Google Alerts is valuable for several reasons, both for marketing professionals and individuals who want to keep up to date with information on the internet:

Brand monitoring: Google Alert allows you to track mentions of your company, product, or service, which is crucial for online reputation management.

Competitor tracking: You can use alerts to monitor your competitors' activities and stay updated with their news and announcements.

Industry news: Alerts allow you to keep up to date with the latest trends, research, and developments in your industry, allowing you to react quickly to market changes.

Crisis management: In the event of negative news about your business, alerts will enable you to identify and address potential crises quickly.

Professional development and education: With alerts, you can easily find and use educational materials, scholarly articles, and other resources that support your personal and professional development.

Job search: Setting alerts for specific jobs or companies can help you find new job opportunities.

Personal interests: Google alerts can provide information about your hobbies, cultural events, or topics of interest.

Time-saving: Instead of manually searching the internet, alerts deliver relevant information to your email inbox.


Google Alerts monitor online content, including news, articles, blog posts, or social media mentions. With this tool, marketers and businesses can track their online presence, manage reputation, monitor competitor activity, and gain information on the latest field trends and developments. Google Alerts are a valuable tool in a marketing strategy to react quickly to changes and use up-to-date data to make business decisions.

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