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What is Google Ads - Definition

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) - is Google's online advertising system (for advertising campaigns that promote your business online, introduce new mobile apps, etc.). It is a tool marketers use to plan, run and display paid advertisements that brings traffic to a certain web page. You can run the ad in the Google search network among search results, ad network, remarketing, YouTube, or Google Merchant and billed per thousand impressions (CPM) or per click (CPC). The Google Ads advertising system, specifically sponsored links displayed above organic results in Google searches, is Google's first and primary business model.

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What are the advantages of using Google Ads?

  1. You set the google ads campaign budget and the budget you want to spend per day/week/month on your AdWords (Ads) campaign.
  2. You decide which of your customers will have the ad displayed (for which keywords and search terms they may type to find your website, in which area, etc.).
  3. You can enable or disable Google AdWords advertising at any time.
  4. You choose the type of ad campaign that will work for your potential customers - should it be an ad in the search queries, display ad, or any other type. Just watch their performance, measure, and test to come up with the best format.
  5. You decide how much you will pay per click for each keyword.

How to use Google ads, and what do you need?

To display your ads, you need to create and configure a free account on the platform. All other work on the account involves optimizing it to meet your company's business goals better. Don't worry if you meet any issues - there are Google ads certified experts to help you out.

You need:

  1. Account on Google Ads
  2. Account on Google Analytics - The data collected shows how potential customers are interacting with your marketing campaigns and if you meet the objectives of each campaign.
  3. An account on Google My Business
  4. An account on Google Search Console that Google will link to your Google Ads account

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