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What is FTP - Definition

FTP (from File Transfer Protocol) is a way to transfer files over the Internet between your computer and the server that hosts your website. The multiple file transfers mechanism first appeared in 1971. FTP is one of the protocols or channels for communicating with a file server, one of the protocols that build the foundation of the Internet, enabling data transfer and making it possible, among other things, to put websites online. For example, with FTP and an FTP connection, you can upload your CMS website files to a server, store your photos and videos, or download a backup of your file to your computer.

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How to use FTP command?

FTP servers - are devices that enable two-way file transfer via FTP protocol. They usually house website files.

FTP client - is an application on your computer or browser that uses the FTP protocol to connect to the FTP server to receive files or upload them to the server.

Enter the host address, log in, and password for the FTP client application using your access credentials. After logging in, you will see a list of directories and file structure on the server. Depending on your privileges, you can read files, modify them, delete them, move them, and upload new ones.

Choosing FTP software programs

Choosing the right FTP client is essential. It has a particular impact on the comfort and security of working with files located on the server. Below is a list of several popular FTP clients:

  • Cyberduck (Windows, macOS),
  • WinSCP (Windows).
  • Filezilla (Windows, macOS),
  • Total Commander (Windows),
  • Commander One (macOS),

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