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What is Flash Sales - Definition

Flash Sales - is a marketing strategy of offering products or services at significantly reduced prices, but only for a very short, predetermined period. Flash sales aim to increase sales quickly, generate traffic to the website, clear out excess inventory, and eliminate stock. Flash sale fatigue uses time pressure to get consumers to make a quick purchase decision.

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How do companies use a Flash Sale strategy?

E-commerce: it is common for an online shop to organise flash sales to increase traffic to their sites, eliminate excess stock and increase overall sales. Flash sales are also used to attract new customers who may sign up for the site or subscribe to a newsletter to receive notifications of future promotions.

Seasonal marketing: flash sales are popular during festive periods or other critical shopping times, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. During these periods, due to the increased frequency of purchases and the limited duration of the sale, the attention of customers and their propensity to buy quickly increased.

Increase engagement: companies run a flash sale to increase engagement and interaction with the brand, encouraging customers to visit the website more often and follow up on offers.

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Benefits of Flash Sales

  1. Increase Sales: successful flash sale can quickly increase sales by attracting a large target audience to take advantage of a limited offer.
  2. Get rid of Stock: shops can use flash sales to quickly get rid of excess stock, which is particularly useful at the end of the season or before introducing new products.
  3. Build Customer Base: flash sales attract new loyal customers who may need to be made aware of the brand but are attracted by the beneficial offer.
  4. Increasing Website Traffic: promotions of this type generate significant traffic to the website or mobile app, which can lead to increased sales of other products not covered by the promotion.

Challenges and constraints

  • Stock depletion: high interest in flash sales can lead to rapid stock depletion, which can frustrate  existing customers who don't manage to take advantage of the offer.
  • Infrastructure load: a sudden increase in website traffic can strain servers, which, in extreme cases, can lead to website crashes.
  • Brand Perception: frequent flash sales can affect the brand's perception as 'cheap' or 'promotional,' which may not be desirable for some premium brands.
  • Pressure on Profit Margins: flash sales can reduce profit margins, requiring careful planning to ensure profitable promotions.


Flash sales, when used with precision, can be a powerful marketing tool that brings significant benefits to a business. However, it's crucial to underscore the need for careful planning and management of the upcoming flash sale to maximize benefits and minimize potential negative impacts.

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