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What is FGR - Definition

Follower Growth Rate - is a metric used in digital marketing, particularly in social media accounts, to assess the rate at which a brand gains new followers on its profiles. It is a percentage indicator that shows how fast the number of followers is growing (or declining) over a certain period, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts.

High Follower Growth Rate

Application in practice

Follower Growth Rate (FGR) is a key indicator in social media marketing that helps companies measure the effectiveness of their online community-building efforts. This indicator's practical application covers several aspects that can significantly impact a company's marketing strategy. Here are some practical applications of FGR:

  1. Monitoring campaign effectiveness - FGR is used to assess how effectively campaigns and marketing initiatives are attracting new followers. Tracking this indicator on a regular basis allows marketers to react quickly and adjust their strategy if the growth in observers is not meeting expectations. For example, if the launch of a new video post series is associated with a significant increase in FGR, a company may decide to continue and develop this type of content.
  2. Comparing the effectiveness of different platforms - FGR can be used to compare which social media presence is most effective in attracting new observers. Companies often operate on multiple platforms simultaneously (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and FGR can indicate where their efforts are yielding the best results, allowing for better allocation of marketing resources.
  3. Content optimisation - by analysing changes in FGR in response to the different types of content published, companies can better understand which topics, formats or communication styles resonate most with their audience. For example, if posts containing tips and advice generate a higher FGR than promotional posts, a company may choose to increase this type of content.
  4. Strategic planning - long-term monitoring of follower growth measures can provide valuable data for strategic planning. Analysing trends in follower growth can help forecast future community growth and influence decisions on product development, market expansion or other key business initiatives.
  5. Motivating the team - FGR can serve as a performance indicator for social media teams, providing them with a clear target to achieve. Setting follower growth targets and tracking progress can be motivating and help maintain focus on key marketing tasks.

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How do you calculate Follower Growth Rate?

The FGR is calculated by dividing the increase in followers over a given period by the number of followers at the beginning of that period, and then multiplying the result by 100 to get the percentage.

Challenges and Limitations

  • Variability of the indicator: Follower Growth Rate can be volatile and susceptible to a number of external factors, such as changes to social media platforms' algorithms or competitors' actions.
  • Does not take into account the quality of followers: This indicator focuses solely on the number, without taking into account the quality of the followers, such as their engagement or genuine interest in the brand.
  • Pressure for rapid growth: The drive for rapid growth in the number of social media followers can lead companies to adopt practices that do not necessarily translate into long-term value, such as buying growth target.

Good Follower Growth Rate is a valuable tool in the arsenal of marketing tools, but like any indicator, it should be used with caution and in conjunction with other metrics to provide a more complete picture of the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

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