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What is Evergreen Content - Definition

Evergreen content - is the type of content that remains relevant and valuable to readers long after it has been published. The name comes from evergreen plants that retain their greenery throughout the year. In the context of marketing and content creation, this means material that remains relevant and attracts traffic for many years, regardless of the season or current trends.

Evergreen content remains relevant

Why is it worth creating evergreen content?

  • Long-term website traffic: Evergreen content attracts visitors to the site over a long period, translating into a stable traffic source.
  • Cost and effort: Although the initial effort to create evergreen content may be more significant, its long-term return on investment is usually higher than content that is only current for a short period.
  • Building authority: Publishing well-crafted, valuable content that remains relevant helps build an image as an expert in a particular field.

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How do I create evergreen content?

  1. Topic selection: Focus on topics that have lasting relevance for your target audience. Examples include guide content, basic principles, frequently asked questions, or practical advice.
  2. Quality and depth: Create content that is comprehensive. The content should comprehensively answer the questions and problems of potential customers.
  3. Updates: Update your content regularly to ensure it is current and accurate.
  4. Universality: Avoid references to specific dates or events, which can quickly become outdated.

Examples of evergreen content

Here are some examples of evergreen topics:

  • Guides and instructions - step-by-step guides and instructions that explain how to do something are classic examples of evergreen posts.
  • Evergreen articles - content that teaches readers about fundamental concepts or issues that do not change quickly.
  • FAQs - FAQ sections that answer the industry's most frequently asked questions are precious.
  • Dictionaries and definitions - articles that define specific terms or concepts also have long-lasting value.
  • Life and personal advice - articles that offer advice that is universal and independent of time.
  • Product reviews and comparisons - while reviews of specific models can quickly become outdated, comparisons of product types often remain relevant.
  • Stories and biographies - articles describing historical events, biographies of significant figures, or critical scientific discoveries.
  • Health and fitness advice - exercise tips and healthy lifestyles with eternally relevant content and universal applicability.

Impact on SEO

  1. Increased organic traffic - evergreen content attracts continuous traffic to a site long after publication. Content that is continually relevant and valuable can continually attract new users looking for information on a particular topic.
  2. High ranking in search results - content regularly searched for and related to core, unchanging topics often achieves high search engine ranking.
  3. Increased number of backlinks - quality evergreen content has a greater chance of gaining backlinks from other websites. Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors for SEO.
  4. Reduce rejection rates - content that is interesting and provides value to readers can effectively reduce the bounce rate. Users spend more time on the site, which signals to search engines that the site is precious and deserves higher search results.
  5. Increased user engagement - evergreen content often leads to more engaged users who may comment, share content on social media, or subscribe to channels related to the page.
  6. Better optimisation for keywords - as evergreen content often deals with core, popular topics, it is easier to optimise such content for relevant, searchable keywords.


Writing evergreen content is a critical element of a content marketing strategy that brings long-term benefits in terms of website traffic, as well as search engine positioning.

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