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What is E-book - Definition

Ebook - is an abbreviation for electronic books. It is the equivalent of a paper book, which has enjoyed enduring popularity. The electronic version of a book has the same content structure as a paper book. We can store hundreds of titles on a device that weighs less than the average printed book! Ebooks are available in many formats, giving you the ability to play them on different devices. The most popular formats include txt, pdf, HTML, RTF, doc. You can open these formats on computers, tablets, and phones.

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Advantages of ebooks

  • Ebook is easily accessible. You don't have to wait for a courier, and you can download a book to your device in minutes. Moreover, the ebook market is huge, and more and more publishing companies decide to publish their titles online instead of just print books.
  • Electronic publications, compared to paper ones, are durable. You don't have to worry about the bent corners that can sometimes drive you crazy. The letters in an ebook do not fade, and the pages are not subject to damage.
  • Many electronic publications in the form of ebooks are to download completely free of charge, thanks to an extensive library. Some companies use this format to pass the know-how, eg. about marketing, and sell ebooks to their customers or send them an electronic book via emails.  
  • Ebooks are just for you if you love to read, but the free space on your shelves is slowly running out.

However, many people point out that an ebook will never replace a paper book because they lack the smell of paper and the distinctive rustling of pages.

Best ebook readerS on the market?

You can read ebooks on any electronic device with a display, as long as it supports one of the file formats. Most ebook readers like to have a dedicated device that will contain all their libraries.

The most popular ebook reader is the Amazon Kindle ebook device. In 2021 there was an 11th generation kindle available with improved screen quality, up to 21 days battery life with e ink screen, and the ability to play audiobooks. Thanks to Amazon, you can enjoy the kindle ebooks marketplace and hundreds of free ebooks.

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