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What is DirectAdmin - Definition

DirectAdmin is a graphical control panel with a simple interface for hosting services and websites (e.g., shared web hosting or VPS server). Thanks to its simple structure and intuitiveness, it allows performing administrative activities quickly and easily without entering commands in text mode. Those tasks include separate backup, creating and managing databases, managing domains, hosting accounts, and creating FTP accounts and mail accounts within the server. DirectAdmin, alongside CPanel, is one of the simplest server management panels that contains all the features, delivering sophisticated solutions for beginners and semi-advanced users.

Table of contest

DirectAdmin stays in step:

Due to Cpanel's recent price hikes, DirectAdmin features are becoming a very appealing alternative constantly evolving. A significant advantage of the DirectAdmin panel is the tool's availability in the new language pack and an extensive help database, which will support the novice user step by step in operating the essential functions.

Primary functions of the DirectAdmin panel:

  • management of domains,
  • subdomains, SSL certificates
  • control of domain DNS settings,
  • creation of FTP accounts, MySQL databases/MariaDB databases,
  • adding, deleting e-mail accounts, the configuration of redirects and autoresponders,
  • Cron job management,
  • access to files on the server,
  • creation and restoration of backup copies,
  • access to server logs and statistics.

DirectAdmin control panel - user levels access

Administrator (admin)

Admin has full access to the control panels and system. He can create hosting accounts for other administrators, resellers, and users, configure global server and security settings, manage HTTP and PHP configuration, IP addresses, create or restore a backup, e-mail management, update software, etc.


Reseller has access to reseller and user level. He can create packages for downstream users and customers, manage IP addresses and nameservers, develop backups for himself and his users, and customize templates.


This is an "end" user hosting account that can manage their site and has access to the basic, most crucial client panel features. Users can create domains, subdomains, redirections, manage DNS records, FTP accounts, databases, or mailboxes. This level enables you to use a file manager and allows access to statistics.

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