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What is Copywriting - Definition

Copywriting - is to create high-quality, unique, and creative texts that take a crucial part in the further sales process for potential customers. The term is quite broad and includes web and content copywriting, content marketing, and SEO copywriting. The copywriter's task is to write texts on a given subject, which are used, among other resources in search engine optimization. Persuasive writing of the content will be one of the main attributes when writing for the target audience or any other specific readers.

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Who is a copywriter?

A good copywriter is a person who creates quality content for marketing materials, including:

  • articles, tutorials, webinars, podcasts, videos, reports,
  • blog post,
  • landing pages and product pages
  • email copywriting
  • write copy for a sales page including social proof - like case studies,
  • advertising slogans,
  • step by step guide on using a product,
  • scripts of spots,
  • sales offers,
  • marketing messages for a specific buyer persona
  • content used in link building,
  • content for social media,
  • Texts for websites,
  • texts for banners, flyers, and brochures,
  • online content that will be used for social media marketing,
  • other content.

Writing copy for, eg., a landing page, good copywriters can perfectly catch the right tone that will speak to a specific audience - both new customers and current customers.

Copywriting examples.

  • An SEO copywriter must perform his duties diligently and systematically expand his knowledge and comply with current Google guidelines and algorithms. SEO copywriting activities should be based on professional research, correct use of keywords, and content adaptation to Google guidelines. Only in this way is a specialist able to write engaging SEO content that will rank well in the search engines.
  • Content writing - is the creation of content for websites, thematic blogs, product offers, and mailings.
  • Ghost writing - creating content on behalf of a particular person or company. Usually, you hire copywriters (an agency or freelance copywriters) to do this kind of job. When creating a text, the author is aware that they are doing it to order of other people and gives full rights to it. Who is signed under the completed work is not the author of the text but the person who ordered it.

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