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What is CDN - Definition

CDN (Content Delivery Network) - refers to a geographically distributed group of servers that work together to provide fast web content delivery. CDN services allow for the rapid transfer of data needed to load websitef content, including an HTML web page, images, videos, and media files. CDN reduces the load time of a website or web application by loading its resources from the physically closest available CDN servers to the user.

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How does the CDN system work?

Content Delivery Networks consists of:

  • A source server - origin server. This server's task will be providing the CDN content - known and data centers.
  • Distributed pieces of internet infrastructure - subserves. These are where the internet content is replicated,
  • The routing system. This system is responsible for delivering the content to users in a designated location.

What are the most extensive Content Delivery Network operators?

The largest CDN providers by the number of customers are:

  • Cloudflare -has the largest market share regarding Server Message Blocks
  • Amazon Web Services - has the largest market share in enterprises
  • Akamai
  • NetDNA

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