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What is Cache - Definition

Cache - is a software or hardware component that stores data so that future requested data can be delivered faster; the cached data (from a cache memory) might result from an earlier data processing or a copy of data stored elsewhere. The buffering provided by a cache benefits one or both latency and throughput—an essential trade-off between size and speed (a more extensive resource implies greater physical distances). The buffering provided by a cache benefits one or both latency and throughput. 

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Different types of cache memory

CPU cache will be a physical, fast-access computer memory chip where operating systems store frequently used data. Thanks to this solution, temporary storage data does not need to be downloaded and uploaded from the main memory on every request.

For web browsers that use an internet connection, the cache entry speeds up the page loading process by storing data locally and limiting communication with a web server. However, sometimes cache storage can cause problems when websites update other site data, as files saved in the cache may conflict with what a developer coded into the website.

How to clear cache data?

Disk cache and web browser cache that store data; both the cache can be clear from content. Read on to learn the clearing cache methods.

  • To clear PC data on a Windows computer, just search for “Disc cleanup tools” - once you choose this option, you will see how much free space you can gain by cleaning all temporary data.
  • For Mac computers, Select the Develop menu and then click Empty caches. If you prefer a keyboard shortcut, hit Command + Shift + Delete to clear the cache.
  • For Google Chrome web browser: On your computer, open Chrome, then the settings menu at the top right, click “More,” then choose “More tools,” where you can select “Clear browsing data.” At the top, you can select the date. To delete everything, select All time. Next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files,” check the boxes. Click Clear data – Done.

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