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What is Bootstrap - Definition

Bootstrap is a popular front-end framework created to make web design easier by providing ready-made development tools and solutions. The framework was developed by Twitter, initially as an internal web development tool. Bootstrap was released to the public in 2011 and has since become one of the most popular web applications in the world. Bootstrap offers a number of ready-made tools and solutions that make it easy to design responsive and intuitive websites (responsive web design). The platform provides a set of ready-made graphic elements, such as buttons, forms, tables, navigation, and much more. In addition, with the help of Bootstrap you can easily customize the look and functionality of your website through ready-made themes, styles, and other interface components.

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Bootstrap framework library

Bootstrap's source code is written in the form open-source css file framework, allowing you to easily customize the appearance of your website. It also offers a collection of ready-made JavaScript components, which are useful for creating dynamic websites. A complete front-end framework that offers developers ready-made tools and solutions that enables developers to design intuitive and responsive websites thanks to predefined grid system. The library consists of several essential elements, including:

  • HTML code - Bootstrap is based on HTML structure and uses a lot of HTML tags to create buttons, forms, tables, navigation, and many other elements.
  • CSS - Bootstrap's style layer is based on a CSS style sheet. The framework provides ready-made styles for many elements, such as buttons, forms and navigation, allowing developers to easily customize the look of a website.
  • JavaScript - Bootstrap also uses JavaScript to implement various types of dynamic functionality. The library includes several ready-made JavaScript modules that are useful in solving standard web design problems.
  • Themes - The Bootstrap library offers several ready-made themes (so-called "themes") that allow you to change the look of your website easily without writing additional code.
  • Icon fonts - Bootstrap uses a number of icon fonts that allow you to use graphical elements as buttons, icons or other elements.
  • Tools - The Bootstrap library operates internal tools that make it easier for developers to design websites. It is possible, for example, to use plug-ins to handle various forms, or to use off-the-shelf solutions to store information in the user's browser.

All of these elements make up a complete framework that can be used to quickly create websites. Using Bootstrap framework, developers save a lot of time because they get ready-made elements to work with rather than having to keep writing demanding code and interface elements from scratch. As a result, Bootstrap Studio has become one of the most popular web design tools in the world.

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Examples of use

Bootstrap is used in the design of various types of web pages and is liked by developers due to its responsiveness and rich template base, as well as for grid system that allows developing responsive web project. The framework is particularly popular for web developers when designing websites for mobile devices, as it allows you to create responsive websites that adapt to different screen resolutions.

Examples of websites that use Bootstrap include:

Airbnb - a web page for renting apartments and rooms around the world

Vogue - a fashion industry news website

NASA - a website for NASA's space agency

Disadvantages of using Bootstrap components

Although Bootstrap is a popular and useful front-end framework, there are also some disadvantages associated with using this tool. Before deciding to use Bootstrap, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with them. Below are the most important disadvantages of using Bootstrap:

  • Abuse of Bootstrap can lead to the generation of similar websites - Bootstrap offers great customization possibilities, but often web developers choose ready-made templates available in Bootstrap, which leads to the generation of pages with a very similar appearance. In this way, the pages do not stand out from other websites.
  • Overuse of HTML tags - Bootstrap uses a lot of HTML tags, which can lead to the generation of a large number of elements that are not needed on the page. This can affect the performance and speed of the site.
  • Long learning and familiarity with elements - Bootstrap studio is a very extensive framework (it has more than 2,000 css style interpretations and many JavaScript files), so learning and familiarity with elements can take a long time. This can be an obstacle for novice developers.
  • Modifying Bootstrap's styles can be time-consuming - if we need to change a color, font size or other detail in Bootstrap, it can require a lot of time and editing. Additionally, making changes to Bootstrap, if not done carefully, can lead to errors in the styles, which will require additional work.
  • Requires a lot of resources - Bootstrap uses a lot of resources, such as CSS styles and JavaScript code, which can lead to an increased number of HTTP requests and a slower site. Too large of a website can lead to runaway users and loss of search engine rankings.


Bootstrap is a popular front-end framework that offers many ready-to-use development tools and solutions to help design responsive and intuitive websites. The framework was created by Twitter in 2010 and has since become one of the most popular web development tools in the world. Using Bootstrap can lead to the generation of similar websites, require a long learning curve and familiarity with the elements, and lead to overuse of HTML tags, which can affect the performance and speed of the website. Nevertheless, Bootstrap still remains one of the most popular and useful frameworks for web development process.

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