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Anchor text means clickable text that appears within hyperlinks. This link text has a unique appearance that users are able to click upon. The text must also be darker than the regular text of the same color (sometimes the color is blue), and some additional style features possibly bold or underlined. Anchor text should tell users which pages they will visit when they click a link and tell us the purpose of this action.
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What is Anchor Text - Definition

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Anchor text provides information regarding the subject of the page to which it directs. The appropriate layout of the anchor text types used on a page positively influences the position of the page in organic search engine results. To this end, SEO specialists choose which of the following anchor types to include in the page content on the basis of analysis. Anchors are, therefore, an essential element in internal linking on web pages and the entire link-building process.

What types of Anchor text do we distinguish?

  • Exact Match Anchor Text - closely matched keywords for which a page should display using the same keyword,
  • Partial Match Anchor Text - a word or words containing only part of the keyword phrase,
  • URL - a direct link to a page (or naked link anchor text). One of the most commonly used anchor types,
  • Brand URL - (branded anchor text) an anchor that contains a company or brand name,
  • Zero Match - (generic anchor text) does not include the keywords in any match. For example, "Enter", "Check". "Click here."

Anchor texts vs search engines web page ranking

Search engines want to provide relevant search results, and anchor text helps to do this, as the tendency was, more often than not, to hyperlink words relevant to the landing page. Anchor text can also serve the purpose of directing the user to internal pages on the site, which can also help to rank better. Excessive use of Anchor Text is like keyword stuffing. You can have too many anchors on a given page. When there are too many keywords on a page linking to too many other pages of a website or all to the same page, but with different anchor texts, you have a case of excessive anchor text.

example exact match keyword internal links linked page

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