AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) - is an open-source platform for HTML designed to make it easier to create websites with speed, code optimization, and User Experience. This web component framework allows you to store your website in Google Cache. AMP Cache discover how Google web search results and other distribution platforms use Google AMP Cache to make data transfer from AMP pages even faster.
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What is AMP - Definition

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- Why does the AMP feature matter

- AMP is not just for websites

Why does the AMP feature matter?

What we understand by the word AMP HTML is actually a traditional HTML language with performance restrictions. Most HTML tags are the same as AMP HTML, but some have been replaced with tags specific to AMP HTML. For example, the img tag changed to the amp - img tag, which fully supports the srcset attribute even if the browser does not yet support it.

You can cache the AMP pages to load almost instantly. This functionality is supported by Google, among others. It allows you to keep a page in cache and then displays it immediately when you click on the result in the Google SERP.Google AMP Cache takes a web page, saves it to the cache,f, and automatically improves its performance. For best performance, all required files (such as JavaScript and CSS) load from the same source. The verification system continuously checks if the page contains the correct tags according to the specification.

AMP is not just for websites.

You can also create emails, a newsletter, or ads, among other things. Google Ads also allows you to create their content using AMP. Google introduced this possibility to its service back in 2017

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