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Above the fold, it is an expression used to describe content marketing display on a web page at the first instance when a landing page is loaded into the browser window. The main purpose of this section is to cache the user's attention and display the call-to-action buttons.Above-the-fold content is critical, and most web designers will put special attention and research to the part of the web page that is above the fold line.‍
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What is above the fold - Definition

Table of contest

What has a direct influence on the above-the-fold section?

Web page designers need to take into consideration things like screen sizes and screen resolutions on mobile devices or stationary PCs. User behavior needs to be observed, and annalist as a human attention span is very short. The front part of the web pages that are displayed to visitors needs to deliver business leads - and the art and skill to utilize it is very difficult and valuable.

What should the ATF area contain?

Depending on the type of page, its purpose, and the device on which it is displayed, the Above the Fold area will vary. Nevertheless, the first view should contain the key information or at least a significant portion of it:

Depending on the type of site, the web design ATF should include:

  • Logo, Menu, Social proof, and often CTA button as well,
  • H1 header indicating what the page is about,
  • Breadcrumbs indicating where you are,
  • Main graphic, thumbnail, background image,
  • The beginning of the content of the offer, product, article, information page, etc.
above the fold design

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