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What is 302 Redirect - Definition

A 302 redirect is a commonly used method in the field of Internet marketing and web technologies. It is a HTTP response status code that informs the web browser that an old page has been temporarily moved to another URL. A 302 redirect is used to manage website traffic and is particularly useful in cases such as updating or overhauling a site, testing new versions, running marketing campaigns and much more.

Use a 302 redirect

Function of a 302 redirect

A 302 redirect is generated by the server, which determines that the destination page temporary redirects and may return to the original URL in the future. The web browser receiving this status code causes the user to be redirected automatically from one url to a new one, which is specified in the HTTP response header.

A 302 redirect preserves traffic and SEO value because the browser remembers the old URL. This technique is used to minimize the negative impact on a site's positioning in Internet search engine results. With the help of 302 redirection, the user does not lose access to the content, and the webmaster can work on improving the site or running a marketing campaign.

How to set up a 302 redirect?

To set up a 302 redirect, the server administration can use the .htaccess file (in the case of Apache server) or configure the appropriate rules in the server (e.g. IIS, Nginx). A temporary redirect will point to a new URL to which users will be redirected for a certain period of time.

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URL redirection and SEO

A 302 redirect can affect SEO differently depending on the context and purpose of the redirect. In the case of a temporary redirect, Google and other search engines view it as an indication that the original URL may return in the future. If a permanent redirect is needed, a 301 redirect should be used, which tells search engines that the original page has been permanently moved to a new URL.

The use of 302 redirection

  1. Testing different versions of a website: A 302 redirect allows you to generate several versions of a single web page and test their effectiveness. This can include tags, images, page layout or evens. The webmaster can redirect traffic to several different versions of the site and evaluate which version has better results for marketing before deciding to permanently redirect traffic to one version.
  2. Preparing a site during the upgrade: When updating a website, a 302 redirect keeps user traffic flowing. The homepage can be redirected temporarily to an update page. In this way, users do not lose access to relevant information and are up to date with changes on the site.
  3. Running marketing campaigns: 302 redirects are also used for marketing purposes. An example is running an advertising campaign, where the homepage redirects traffic to a dedicated campaign page. This makes it possible to track the results of the advertising campaign and verify the effectiveness of the promotion.
  4. Page Personalization: 302 redirects allow you to personalize your site for different audiences. Based on user demographics or preferences, redirects can direct traffic to dedicated pages tailored to specific groups.
  5. Multi-country content sharing: Based on users' language preferences, redirects direct them to the appropriate version of the site tailored to their language. This allows you to deliver personalized and user-friendly content to users from different countries.


In summary, a 302 redirect is used when a site is temporarily redirected to a different URL. It is a useful tool that enables you not only maintain the temporary redirect, but also allows you to return to the original page in the future. When setting up a redirect, it's always a good idea to check for correctness and specify the exact purpose and type of redirect to avoid unwanted effects on SEO.

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