301 Redirect

A 301 redirect is a way to inform the client - web browsers or whoever requests the data, plus indexing robots - that a page or file has been permanently moved to a different URL. The server will send an HTTP 301 response status code that means permanently moved and redirect traffic in right direction. It is also important for search engine bots that will inform search engines regarding redirect rules. Redirect chains can be created from the old domain to the new page.
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What is 301 redirect - Definition

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Permanent redirect How to do it?

You need to divide the action into two steps: You need to create a 301 map and then implement it on your web page (usually using developers). Redirecting the entire domain to a new domain with old page content is possible without losing any SEO value, and it is one of the SEO best practices. 

There are three ways to do 301 redirections:

  • Modification of the htaccess file
  • PHP redirection
  • JavaScript redirection
  • Free wordpress plugin

How to check if it is active and search engines ready?

To check whether a URL redirects to another URL, you can use many tools available on the Internet. Among the most commonly used are: redirect-checker.org and Google Sheets and a specially prepared script for this purpose.

We can also check it manually by typing the URL into the browser. If we are taken to a new address instead of the outdated page, it means that a redirect was performed. This way, however, we will not check what type of redirection was used and whether the transition to the new URL is not done through a so-called redirect chain.

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