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What is Google Arts & Culture - Definition

Google Arts & Culture - is an online platform created by Google that allows users to find art, monuments, artifacts, and cultural heritage from around the world. The service offers easily access to high-quality images, tour famous sites, exhibitions, articles, educational videos, and other cultural resources in partnership with many museums, cultural institutions, archives and arts organisations.

Google arts and culture

What is Google Arts & Culture used for?

Google Arts & Culture is used to explore and promote the world's cultural and artistic heritage in a digital space. This platform enables users to:

  • Art discovery: Access thousands of works of art from different eras and cultures, presented in high resolution.
  • Virtual tours: Explore museums and art galleries worldwide through virtual tour.
  • Education and learning: Enjoy rich educational resources such as articles, videos and exhibitions to deepen your knowledge of art, history and culture.
  • Interactive experiences: Using AR and VR technology to interactively experience art and culture in new and engaging ways.
  • Thematic exploration: Browse curated collections and themed exhibitions focusing on specific artists, art movements or historical events.
  • Accessibility and inclusion: Easy access to culture for people worldwide, regardless of their location or ability to physically visit museums.
  • Cultural promotion: The platform serves cultural institutions to promote their collections and increase global visibility

Google Arts & Culture is a tool that supports both individual users in broadening their cultural horizons and cultural institutions in reaching a wider audience with their resources.

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How to add content to Google Arts & Culture?

Adding content to Google Arts & Culture is usually reserved for cultural institutions such as museums, art galleries, historical archives, and other cultural organizations. Here is how institutions can add their collections:

  1. Partnership with Google: Institutions must partner with Google Arts & Culture. They can contact the Google Arts & Culture team via the platform's official website.
  2. Content preparation: Once the partnership is established, institutions prepare the content they want to publish, including high-quality paintings of artworks, descriptions, exhibition information and other related resources.
  3. Using Google tools: Google offers partners specialised tools to digitize artworks and create interactive online exhibitions. These may include, for example, high-resolution cameras for photographing works of art or software for creating virtual tours.
  4. Publishing content: Once the material has been prepared, institutions use the Google Arts & Culture platform to publish it. They can create their own exhibitions, collections, and educational projects that will be accessible to users worldwide.
  5. Promotion and sharing: Institutions can promote their collections on Google Arts & Culture using the various options available, such as sharing on social media or integrating content into their own websites.

Google Arts and Culture in Online Marketing

Google Arts & Culture's role in online marketing is vital as a digital platform that enables cultural and arts institutions to promote their collections and exhibitions globally. By partnering with Google, museums, galleries, and other organizations can reach a broad online audience by showcasing artworks and cultural artifacts through interactive exhibitions and virtual tours. The platform offers cutting-edge marketing tools such as advanced visualizations, AR and VR technologies, and educational videos to enrich the user experience and increase engagement. Google Arts & Culture strengthens the digital presence of cultural institutions and supports their educational mission by enabling access to culture regardless of geographical and physical limitations.


Google Arts and Culture serves as a digital repository for arts and culture, providing resources and collections that can be used for education, research, and personal enrichment. For online marketers, the platform offers a valuable tool to build an image, increase brand recognition, and attract traffic to the site, resulting in success in the digital world of arts and culture.

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