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Spread Cheer at Children's Hospital
Nationwide Children's Hospital could use your help this year!
December 14, 2020
Toro Team

This year we are far too familiar with hospitals and sickness. We found a few easy ways to bring cheer to children at Nationwide Children's Hospital during this holiday season. Nothing is better than seeing a child smile, and so many of these children are in need of some extra joy this year with not being able to have visitors like years past.

Book Donation: You can donate gently used or new picture and board books! The books donated are used in waiting rooms throughout Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Families are encouraged to take the books home with them as well! 

Clothing Donations: Everyday Nationwide Children’s Hospital runs into situations where they need extra clothes for their patients and their families. In order to make sure these families don’t have to worry about it, they’ve set up an Emergency Clothes Closet

Toy Donations: No matter if it’s the holiday season or just a regular day. These kids deserve toys, coloring books, or games to keep them entertained during long hospital stints. Help brighten a child's day by donating items off of Nationwide Children’s Hospital Amazon Wishlist. 

If you’re low on funds or want an additional way to help these families and children. Here is a free way to bring some cheer. You can send a virtual greeting card to brighten a patient’s day by letting them know you’re thinking about them! If you personally know a child in the hospital, there is also an option to send a more personalized card. You can send a virtual card here.