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Couch Philanthropy
Columbus resident makes giving simple
March 01, 2021
Bear Jacobsen

Couch Philanthropy began when a friend reached out to Steve Landes and asked if he could help with auto repairs. This request transformed into a movement and has helped over 70 people with no sign of slowing down.

Steve has a very large Facebook following and knew he could use this following for good by helping those in need. In 5 months, Couch Philanthropy has met and often exceeded every campaign they’ve presented. 

He believes now more than ever people are looking for ways to help. The name comes from the idea that anyone can help others even by sitting on their couch.

“I think everyone has a mutual want to help someone right now, feeling the pain of the pandemic, and if they aren’t out of work they know someone who is. Initially, the people were connected to me somehow, but once everyone saw the impact that a few dollars can have, we started receiving donations from everywhere. “
Steve Landes

The process is a simple one, Steve posts campaigns on his Facebook, with a link to the Couch philanthropy Venmo and CashApp and while large donations are always greatly appreciated, Steve’s goal is to see a community where small amounts from everyone add up to brighten someone’s day.  “A dollar a day isn’t much to me, or to you, but 3500 people donating a dollar a day can change someone’s life."

If you or someone you know needs a helping hand, or you want to donate to Couch Philanthropy. You can go to Steve's Facebook page here.